“My dear daughter received the visual impression of her guardian angel … to remind her of that guiding light. It hangs above her bed, radiating comfort and love.” — Tyler Tstar Hawkins, Ashland, OR


“Having a visual of my Spirit family, ignites my allegiance to following Divine Will.” — James Anthony, Mt. Shasta, CA


“Susan is a deeply spiritually gifted woman with great integrity who has the ability of communing with the angels. Her portraiture of my angel became an individual representation, that had life that I connected to, instead of a vague spiritual idea.” — Aliceray Golden, Sonora, CA


“I knew when I met Susan Dillon she lived in a much higher spiritual realm of life. Her wonderful loving energy and enlilghtenment helped me understand things I had questions about and validated so much.” — Debbie Webb, Los Angeles, CA


“My spirit guide, Metatron, has been with me for some time, and Susan’s experience confirmed for me that she was definitely tuning in accurately. Thank you!” — Samuel Baseler, Boulder, CO


“… my spirit guide drawing resonates so strongly with me that it captures my entire attention when I gaze into those eyes … tender yet a potent connection to keep me focused and listening to my heart. Thank you!” — Steu Mann, Ashland, OR


“There is such a special energy about this picture of an angelic being, and I eventually hung this picture in my studio space, where I work, feel, and heal. When Susan was drawing and talking with me, I felt such a sacred strong energy between us. Thank you Susan for being a messenger of what I could not feel or see, but you could” — Lisa


“She feels like a close connection with my Higher Self” — Ann Naimark