Susan Lewella Dillon, an intuitive artist and spiritual alchemist, lives a Life of Service preparing people for the golden age through a variety of ascension tools, books and workshops. Susan taught meditation and yoga for 18 years. After receiving her M.A. in psychology, she counseled, did art therapy and did energy healing for many years.

As a Creative Illumination Channel, Teacher and Healer, Susan’s goal is to enchant, inspire and inform through magical 5th dimensional children’s books and presentations which are designed to uplift and inspire divine creativity, beauty and Higher Self connection allowing others to see more of the light within themselves.

Susan has an amazing insight and potent strength of intuition that she uses when creating each unique Spirit Guide Drawing. She has consulted successfully with people all over North America and Japan both in person, over the phone and via Skype to bring them a physical representation of their teachers and guides from the other side of the veil. Along with this majestic creation she provides a reading that covers key aspects, important characteristics, and essential messages to help you stay connected with your Spirit Guide Teacher.


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