What are Spirit Guide Drawings?

Energetic Angel and Spirit Guide Drawings

Spirit Guide drawings reveal the nature of your Divine support that can take different forms: Angels, Ascended Masters, Master Teachers, Saints, Galactic Guides, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Nature Devas, or Animal Totems. My goal is that you recognize these forms of support and begin to trust your guidance so that you are more deeply connected with your Higher Self.
Some of the common questions I answer are these:

  • How do I know that it is my Master or Teacher or Angel or ….?
  • How do I know that my Master or Teacher or Angel is talking to me?
  • How can I get clear guidance?
  • How do I develop intuition?
  • How can I see or hear my Angels?


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About Us

Spirit Guide Drawings are intuitive drawings of Angelic Beings, Galactic Guides, Ascended Masters, or other kinds of Spirit Guides, done by intuitive artist Susan Lewella Dillon, of Mt. Shasta, California
You can have dozens of Guides and Angels. They may be from lives you have lived. They could be someone you have known who has passed over. They may be from the animals, or from the Nature Kingdom, or from another Universe entirely. Each of us has a guardian angel assigned to us at birth. When you call, they will be there for you. For more, see this article on Spirit Guides: How to Talk with Your Spirit Guides and Angels
Susan Lewella Dillon is an internationally-known intuitive artist, and the author of a number of books for children and adults, and has been featured in the Japanese Magazine “Anemone” for her intuitive readings and Spirit Guide Drawings.


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Connecting to your Inner Light

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